Top Ten Reasons to move to Albuquerque

Ten rapid fire reasons to move to Albuquerque

10. A City of many names Albuquerque has more ‘Q’s in its name than any other city in the world. Despite that fantastic fact, Albuquerque goes by many names. Locals shorten their city’s moniker to “ABQ” – “Curky” – “Ablahblah”, and the egg-scratchingest name of them all: “Duke City” Don’t think it’s a good enough reason to be on the top ten? Then read on…

9. A heaven for the Tech Sector worker Albuquerque has more high tech jobs per capita than any other U.S city (as long as we’re not counting Silicon Valley). Over 11 % of Albuquerque residents are employed in high tech jobs, like electric car manufacturing and aerospace.


Transformers, Robots in New Mexicoooo!

8. Not-quite-as-west-as-Hollywood Hollywood Movie Studios are opening up left and right in Albuquerque. It seems when Hollywood big

-shots want to film a movie in a desert setting, New Mexico is their first pick. Maybe you’ve heard of Transformers?

7. Cheap Housing it’s actually cheaper to buy a house in ABQ than most major metropolitan areas in the United States. Less mortgage means more time off, which means more time for desert golf!

Like one big sand trap

6. Warm Winters Did you know climate is the number one factor that people consider when choosing a place to live? And did you know that winter is the coldest and most miserable season of the year? Connect the dots, and you end up at Albuquerque!

5. Vibrant, Young and Hip Albuquerque is home to several universities and city colleges, and still boasts a vibrant nightlife, unlike its sister city: Albuquerque, Old Mexico.

Looks like an albuquerque to me

Albuquerque, Mexico. Population: 882

4. Green minded and Eco friendly if you’re into the whole granola-crunching “green movement” thing, then you might be thrilled to know that Albuquerque is a national leader in green-minded, organic thinking. Think it’s a coincidence that Al Gore and Albuquerque have their first two letters in common? Think again.

3. No one messes with Albuquerque Downtown ABQ is home to the one and only National Atomic Museum. That means when it comes to cities to mess with, Albuquerque is right there on the bottom with Stalingrad and Berlin.

2. Low Unemployment Do you happen to live in one of the 100,000 cities or towns nationwide experiencing job shortages? Albuquerque has an unemployment rate far below the national average. That means it’s easier to find jobs in albuquerque than it is to find jobs in most places in the US.

1. Cheap Beer Alcohol taxes in New Mexico are the lowest in the nation. Don’t believe me? Albuquerque residents use beer to clean their cars, since it’s cheaper than water.

Beer Car Wash

"You mean you can drink this stuff?"

So pack up your summer clothes, a bottle of sun screen, and a backup bottle of sun screen. Albuquerque, the city of Q’s, is waiting for you.


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